Tickets and MºBA PASS

Ticket sales in the city of Arnhem:
MºBA Central (Kenniskluster/Rozet) Kortestraat 16, Arnhem
Eusebiuschurch, Kerkplein 1, Arnhem
VVV Arnhem, Stationsplein 13, Arnhem

Please note that credit card payments are not possible at our ticket offices. To avoid this, please order your tickets online instead.

For guided tours at Huis Zypendaal (FASCINATION), and group Guided tours at MºBA CENTRAAL online pre-booking of entrance tickets is required. More information will follow shortly.

MºBA PASS (€20,-)

MºBA PASS is  a passe-partout , which gives you access to all MºBA 13: Fetishism in Fashion expositions. The card is valid 6 weeks (from June 9th – July 21st 2013) and gives one-time access  to the locations MºBA Centraal, Eusebiuschurch, Huis Zypendaal and Marienburg. You can visit the locations on various days. The price of the MºBA PASS is 20 euro.

Discounts are given as follows :
Children until 12 years    € 5,-
12 – 18 year old children        € 10,-
With Arnhem Card                € 17,50
With studentspass                 € 15,-
CJP                               € 17,50

Additional tickets, please click here


For various parts of  MºBA 13: Fetishism in Fashion (guided tours, seminar Lidewij Edelkoort, Bootcamp Wearable Solar, Burlesque nights, workshops) additional tickets are required. These can be ordered here ORDER ONLINE . Please note: when ordering via our online ticket ordering system, please choose EN in top right corner for English text. Also, when creating an account, please make sure you use no more than 10 characters for your password.

Business arrangements
MºBA offers organizations the opportunity to visit  MºBA 13: Fetishism in Fashion with their relations in a special way. Click here for additional information on our business packages.

It is possible to hire the catwalk between June 9th and July 8th. Costs: € 2000,-. The catwalk is in the Eusebiuschurch and is open from 17.00 for shows. Please contact  Bass Beek if you have any plans to hire the Catwalk

Guided exhibition tours

Additional to MºBA PASS:
Guided tour at Huis Zypendaal per person                                 € 1,-
Guided tour 20 adults MºBA centraal, duration 1 uur     € 60,-
Guided tour schools participating ‘Made By You’
(per class)                                                                                                             € 25,-
Guided tour education
(per classl)                                                                                                            € 40,-

Mini catalogue                                                                                                € 7,-
MºBA Magazine                                                                                             gratis
Exclusive MºBA -Vitesse calendar                                                  € 13,-


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